" Ever since I can remember, I saw my life through colors; shapes and perspective were secondary in my world. 

By the time I got to art school, color was my passion. My art theory professor was taught by Joseph Albers.  He felt I had an innate sense of color and encouraged me in my studies. In that regard, I proudly consider myself a second generationist of Joseph Albers.

No matter what I am creating, I strive for the color, texture and the pure sensuality of the medium to come through.  I enjoy the process of sharing my world,visually.

Painting is eighty five percent thinking, ten percent process and five percent serendipity.

For the viewer, art is highly subjective and I have little to say about a piece once it is finished. 

While I am going through the creative process, it's like answering questions; when I am finished there always new questions. I am on a quest of my own making and have the need to continue."

Evan Zatti is an artist working in New York City and East Hampton, NY.


Hampton Road Gallery, Southampton

Vito Sisti Presents - on going
Visto Sisti presents Women - on going
Pebbles Winter Gallery - War & Peace
Pebbles Winter Gallery - Love
Guild Hall Members Show
Elaine Benson Gallery, Bridgehampton, NY
Grey Gallery, New York, NY
Donnesana, Milano, Italy
War and Peace - Ashawagh Hall, East Hampton, NY
Surface Gallery - Christmas Show, East Hampton, NY
CAC, Cincinnati, Ohio
Art Museum, Cincinnati, Ohio
Dilly's Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio
Mannix Collective, Southampton, NY


Australia, California, England, Florida, France, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Italy,
Massachusetts, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Switzerland


Textile Designer, Italy and New York City
Paintings on Commission
Hand-painted Frames and Boxes
Graphic Displays, New York City
Art Teacher, MIlano, Italy
Head Start Teacher, Ohio
Hand-painted T-shirts and scarves
Art Workshops
Children's Art Workshops

Contemporary Art Museum, Cincinnati, Ohio
Cincinnati Art Museum, Cincinnati, Ohio
Guild Hall, East Hampton, NY


Fulbright Grant, Belgium
Parsons School of Design
University of Cincinnati, Ohio
Art Academy of Cincinnati, Ohio

Art Directors of Ohio
Ohio Sculpture Magazine Invitational Cover